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04/28/2019 4:40 PM | Mike Johnsen (Administrator)

Lynne Azpeitia, LMFT
Acting Editor

Our professional community is much richer each month because LA-CAMFT’s Voices newsletter is created, published and disseminated to us. Along with our monthly networking events, Classified Advertising eBlast, and meet-ups, Voices is a vehicle of, and for, community connection in addition to being a delivery system for high quality business, professional, clinical, and community information and resources. Through the diverse points of view from each month’s authors, Voices keeps the LA-CAMFT community up-to-date on interesting and topical issues and questions  —  and, hopefully, inspired.

Do you enjoy reading Voices each month? I do. What do you read first? I like to look at the President’s message to see what’s there. What I find there is always food for thought and reflection — and sometimes, too, the subject matter finds its way into conversations with colleagues. I’m grateful that each of the LA-CAMFT presidents has taken the time and expended the effort to write something meaningful for us.

The Member Spotlight is probably my favorite section because there’s always something new I discover about the person featured. Besides, I always enjoy getting to know people better and appreciating who they are. It’s also fun to be the featured member!

Maria Gray’s Private Practice Success adventures are always interesting to me, too. I like having a seat next to her as she moves through her focus each month and shares that with us. I appreciate that Maria shares what’s relevant and important to her and her practice and includes the little important stuff, not just the big important stuff. In talking with other LA-CAMFT community members, Maria’s column is a popular touchstone for many of us.

Billie Klayman’s "Ask Billie” column each month is always another opportunity for thought and reflection for me. I read, with interest, Billie’s focus for the month and benefit from looking at the topic through another’s eyes. Plus, if I have a question or want to discuss something with her I can since we’re both on the LA-CAMFT Board of Directors and we also see each other at the networking meeting each month.

Voices has so many wonderful contributors each month. Have you thought of being one? Please consider it. Or, if you know someone who you think should write an article on a certain topic for Voices, invite them to contribute. They might not have thought of doing that.

Here’s an example. I was reading one of Sylvia Cary, LMFT’s email newsletters and saw she had this nice little graphic at the bottom of which was captioned, “Is writing a book on your bucket list?” Since I knew that in addition to being a psychotherapist, Sylvia is an editor and book consultant who specializes in helping mental health professionals get published, I thought that was a great title for an article, one I’d like to read. So, I called her up and asked her to write it for Voices — and she did! You can do the same with those you know or encounter.

I do have a secret wish list for Voices contributors. Do you? First on my list is to have monthly articles from the 3000 Club about topics that pre-licensed therapists want to know about. Second on the list is to have the Diversity Committee contribute an article, too. There are a few more wishes but I’ll keep to those two today.

Lastly gratitude, appreciation, and saying thank you is on my mind and in my heart. Thank you to all the Voices readers, contributors, and, of course, our publisher, Mike Johnsen. Thank you, thank you, thank you for contributing to my professional development and to the growth and enrichment of our LA-CAMFT professional community.

Lynne Azpeitia, LMFT, AAMFT Approved Supervisor, is in private practice in Santa Monica where she works with Couples and Gifted, Talented, and Creative people across the lifespan. Lynne’s been doing business and clinical coaching with mental health professionals for more than 15 years, helping them develop their careers and practices. To learn more about services, training or the monthly LA Practice Development Lunch visit www.Gifted-Adults.com or www.LAPracticeDevelopment.com.

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