Los Angeles Chapter  California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

LA-CAMFT Sponsors

LA-CAMFT Sponsors

LA-CAMFT is truly grateful to these sponsors for their generous, enthusiastic, and continued support of our mental health community. 

Become a sponsor and discover what it's like to be a part of LA-CAMFT's vibrant professional world.

$3000+ Premier Level Sponsor
Sponsorship of Multiple LA CAMFT Events 

Clearview Treatment Centers


$1200 Level Sponsor
Exclusive Sponsorship for Networking Meeting           

Newport Academy


Life Adjustment Team


Launch Treatment Centers


$600 Level Co-Sponsor
Co-sponsorship for Networking Meeting

Vive Family Support Program


Barry Davis, Divorce Mediator


CAST Centers


Fusion Academy


Triad Behavioral Health


Brian Hart, AMFT
Sponsorship Chair

Contact Information
Phone: 657.215.5589
LA-CAMFT Email: sponsorshipchair@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: brian@brianharttherapy.com

On a distant planet, around a dying Red Sun, a scientist and his wife bundled their infant son into an experimental rocket, and launched him towards Earth. Unfortunately, this is NOT the story of Brian Hart, but I always hoped it might be true. Later in life, I decided to become a Marriage and Family Therapist in order to work with others. I graduated from Antioch Los Angeles with a Master’s degree in psychology. Currently, I am now an associate MFT working on completing my hours for licensure. If you are an individual, couple or adolescent who seeks a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships, together we can create a healing narrative that allows for change and growthWebsite: www.brianharttherapy.com.

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