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04/28/2019 4:20 PM | Mike Johnsen (Administrator)

Maria Gray,

Some of the Reasons Why
I Love My Virtual Assistant

It’s hard to keep up with the many administrative tasks it takes to run a private practice. Last year I was complaining to a friend about “administrative overload” when she suggested I hire an assistant. Although I’m a recovering perfectionist, I realized she had a point. Now instead of wasting time on routine tasks I can focus on more important things like writing my book and self-care. Here are some of the tasks I delegate to my assistant:

1. Contact Management —  In the past I let business cards pile up on my desk before entering them into Mailchimp, my contact management system. Now after networking events, I snap photos of the business cards I’ve received and text them to my assistant for data entry.

2. Preparing handouts —  I’m an avid reader and when I find good content for my clients, I email the text to my assistant and she types it into a pretty Word document for me. I can print these documents out or email them to my clients. Prior to hiring my assistant, I would stick my ideas in a folder where they would remain untouched for months.

3. Running Errands —  Las year when I moved into my new office, I needed someone to help me sell my old office chair while I was busy packing and seeing clients. My assistant met up with the buyer and closed the deal for me.

4. Social Media support —  I enjoy promoting my practice, course, and groups on social media. When I decided to experiment with Instagram, my assistant helped me with posting.

5. Mailings —  During the holidays I needed help creating labels and mailing my Christmas cards.

Don’t jump to any conclusions; if you received a card from me, I wrote the note myself!

Right now, my assistant is helping me format and proofread the materials for my upcoming live online course. I’m so grateful to have an extra set of hands to help me run my business, what kind of tasks would you like to delegate? 

Maria Gray, LMFT, NMP, CGP, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Century City, where she specializes in trauma and addictions. Maria is passionate about helping people thrive in private practice, and she’s currently offering a live, online, course called The Prosperous Professional. To learn more, go to www.mariagray.net.

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