Los Angeles Chapter  California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Involvement Committee

The Involvement Committee is a central cohesive source of support and stability for all the core committees and special interest groups in our organization. As LA-CAMFT continues to grow, we are challenged to expand and adapt our infrastructure to reflect the needs of our members. We want to provide an accessible forum in which members can engage and participate. LA-CAMFT membership has increased from less than 40 to just shy of 200 people in a very short time!

Our organization will continue to reach professional and CAMFT members in the greater Los Angeles area to promote the rebirth and revival of the Los Angeles CAMFT. In order for us to grow and remain a solid and sound frame for our community, we must create and produce a collaborative space in which our members can engage, share resources and obtain the support they seek as professionals and individuals. Our committee’s task is three fold:

  1. Connecting members. The Involvement Committee is analogous to a ‘concierge’ for LA-CAMFT. Once an individual has become a member, the Involvement Committee represents the conduit through which they can connect, realize their niche and utilize the LA-CAMFT community. When members demonstrate an expressed interest in participation, the Involvement Committee facilitates that process for them by helping to guide and direct them into a space that is accessible, encouraging and welcoming. The Involvement Committee is dedicated to ensuring that all members meet their desired level of contribution. 

  2. Volunteer ambassadors. The Involvement Committee actively manages the volunteer experience, including the experiences of our appointed chairpersons and committee members. Check-ins and surveys of their experiences as volunteers in our organization will assist in the identification of future challenges and areas of forward progress. The very nature of LA-CAMFT is based on the foundation of collaboration such that the efforts of the Involvement Committee ensure that members can always contribute and be utilized in a meaningful and satisfying way. 

  3. Committee resources. As our committees continue to grow and develop so will the need for participation. We are creating a process by which we can exchange communication to create and maintain a viable and working volunteer database. If a struggling committee requires support, we are a valuable resource.

The Involvement Committee is looking for energetic, organized and inspirational individuals who want to be a valuable resource for the Los Angeles CAMFT.

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