Trauma & Response Committee

The goal of the LA-CAMFT Trauma Response Committee is to support our fellow citizens in crisis both locally and regionally. Our committee can realize this goal by creating strong relationships with disaster response organizations such as the LA Red Cross and trained mental health professionals in disaster relief, as well as organize trainings for mental health persons interested in providing disaster relief quickly and efficiently. Most recently, our support was needed to respond to families displaced and affected by the Los Angeles Regional fires.

Licensed staff must complete three trainings; Eye of the Storm, Critical Incident Stress Management, and Foundations in Disaster Mental Health to be certified as a disaster mental health responder with CAMFT Trauma Response Network. When members complete the trainings they can complete an application to be sent to CAMFT to be reviewed and accepted. The Red Cross requires that you be licensed and take the Foundations in Disaster Mental Health Course as well as a CPR class to be deployed as a “mental health responder” to a crisis location. Interns may also take the course but will not be classified as a mental health responder until they are licensed. There are many additional trainings (i.e.- shelter training) and opportunities available through the Red Cross to provide support while completing hours for licensure.

I am excited to say that I have completed two of the three courses required to be a part of the CAMFT Trauma Response Network. The disaster mental health trainings provide professionals with the training and skills necessary to deploy to a crisis situation and be able to identify needs and respond appropriately. I have completed the Red Cross Training and was recently contacted to respond to a local shelter to provide relief during the Los Angeles Regional Fires. I am excited to watch and be an active participant both in the revival of LA-CAMFT and in the revival of the LA-CAMFT Trauma Response committee. I want to encourage those of you who are interested in disaster mental health to contact me to discuss what that involves, both as a licensed professional and a non-licensed professional.

There are many ways to offer support during a crisis. My vision is to create an elite LA-CAMFT Trauma Response Committee filled with passionate professionals. I am looking for support from licensed professionals, intern professionals and trainee professionals to be a part of this vitally important, life changing committee responding both on the scenes and behind the scenes during times of crisis. We will work closely together to organize trainings and recruit interest in our MFT community as well as provide support to those in need.

Questions? Contact the Committee Chair!

Shannon Byrnes, MFT