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Voices — May 2019

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  • 04/28/2019 4:20 AM | Mike Johnsen (Administrator)

    Voices Publication Guidelines for 2019

    Calling all community writers and contributors!

    Are you searching for a unique platform to express your passions and showcase your expertise in the Marriage and Family Therapy field? Look no further, as we welcome your input!

    Following are the due dates and publication guidelines for submitting articles and ads for the 2019 calendar year to Voices, LA-CAMFT's monthly newsletter:

    Upcoming Voices Newsletters  Submission Deadlines
    July 2019 edition June 1
    August 2019 edition  July 1
    September 2019 edition  August 1
    October 2019 edition  September 1
    November 2019 edition  October 1
    December 2019 edition November 1


    LA-CAMFT Publishing Guidelines for Voices

    • Submissions are DUE by the 1st of each month.
    • Around the 15th of each month, contributors will receive the editor’s call for articles, advertisements, sponsorships, etc., for the next edition of Voices. This editor’s call will allow contributors to have up to two weeks to put together all the materials for submission by the 1st of the month.
    • The LAST call for submissions for the forthcoming issue will be sent by the 27th of each month. This last call for submissions will include a list of the content planned for the next edition of Voices. This editorial list will note submissions received, as well as submissions expected but not yet received, and which must be received by the 1st in order to be included.
    • Hyperlinks need to be specifically included in the body of the article at time of submission. Noting “LIVE LINK” in the body of an article is incomplete and unacceptable. It is the responsibility of each writer to “type in” the hyperlink(s) in their own work by the due date of the 1st of each month. If multiple links are being included, this must be made clear by the writer as to where each link is to be featured.
    • Only universal file formats, like Word (.doc and docx.) will be acceptable. If an entry is submitted in a “.pages” format, it will be returned to the submitter.
    • Per our webmaster, all images should be attached to an email as either a JPEG, PNG or TIF. Images pasted into an email are not acceptable since the quality of such photos is diminished. Any images received in the body of the email may delay publication of the submission.
    • Finally, there is an issue about images. If someone wishes to submit an image other than a personal headshot, please provide proof of how they obtained that photo. Following is a link that covers the importance of copyright issues, but especially so when it comes to anything “Internet.” (Sued for Copyright Infringement).

    In addition here is a list of ARTICLE DOs AND DON’Ts—

    An Article may contain:

    • Helpful tips, strategies, analysis, and other specific useful clinical, educational or business/marketing information;
    • A review of literature or arts (reviewer not related to or in business with the creator of the item being reviewed);
    • A separate paragraph at the end of the article in which author is identified, with contact information (link to email and/or website) and a short business description.

    An Article may not contain:

    • Reference to commercial products or services being sold or distributed by author;
    • Information that is only useful if author’s book or other materials are purchased;
    • Suggestions that the reader attend the author’s workshop for more information;
    • Any other material that could be construed as an advertisement, rather than an article.
    • Language that could be construed as defamatory, discriminatory, or offensive.
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