Somatic Psychotherapy Special Interest Group

Somatic psychotherapy in conjunction with advances in neurobiology, represents a paradigm shift in the field of clinical practice. It places a focus on accessing and activating the nervous system’s self-healing properties; and works as a catalyst for releasing blockages associated to trauma states and other common clinical concerns.

The Somatic Psychotherapy Special Interest Group of LA-CAMFT has been formed to provide both learning and networking opportunities to those in our community interested in somatic psychotherapies. Modalities include Bioenergetics, Somatic Experiencing, Somatosensory Psychotherapy, Trauma Resiliency Model, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Core Energetics, EMDR, Mindfulness, Dance Therapy. Adjunct and complimentary body practices outside the psychotherapy profession such as Yoga, Acupuncture, and Nutrition will also be an area of focus. The group will be offering an array of events and provide support and encouragement for learning more about somatic psychotherapy and other body-focused adjunct practices.