Elections Committee

If you really like making connections, are looking for an opportunity to reach out and get to know current and potential chapter leaders, and if you’ve been thinking about getting a bit more involved in LA-CAMFT, but have limited time available, this might be the committee for you!

The primary function of this committee is to help the chapter elections go smoothly.

The Elections Committee is responsible for calling for nominations, vetting nominees, designing and distributing ballots, and counting the votes.

In addition, the Committee Chair works with the Executive Board to ensure that all announcements and outreach are accomplished according to the timeline established by the Board, in conjunction with the Elections Committee.

Other responsibilities might involve teaming up with the Board, to identify candidates to fill (by President’s appointment) a position vacated before the term is completed; engage those who’ve expressed an interest in being on the Board; and participation in any By-Laws or Chapter Policies and Procedures revisions, when they concern Elections procedures.

If this sounds like your perfect fit, or if you’d just like a little more information, reach out!

Questions? Contact the Committee Chair!

Randi Gottlieb, LMFT