Wired for Love

Estelle Fisher, LMFT

Wired for Love
by Estelle Fisher

We all know that we human beings are social animals, relying on each other for survival. We have evolved biologically to form attachments, which we experience as love, and which form the bases of families and communities. This is how we have always ensured that our physical and emotional needs will be met and our species will continue.

A research project at the University of Chicago, reported recently by the New York Times, uses neuroimaging to map the dynamics of love in the brain. The data gathered by this study strengthens the premise that love is a primal need for us. We feel better, function better, and are just better people with love.

So, if we expand this concept, wouldn’t it follow that we as individuals are better when we are part of an extended network of love connections, in other words, a community?

I can answer for myself, a resounding “Yes!” based on my years as an active member of our LA-CAMFT community. As Sponsorship Chair, I have helped to expand our community by engaging individuals and organizations—to support us, yes, but also to become active participants. As we build the network of connection, we all become better, we feel the belonging, we feel the love.

So, let me give a shout-out to the sponsors who helped build and sustain the LA-CAMFT community in 2017. Expect to see some of them at an event in 2018. And when you do, walk up and introduce yourself. Make a new connection, feel the love, and keep the community growing.

Clearview Treatment Programs
Simple Practice
Gerry Grossman Seminars
Center For Healthy Sex
Refuge Recovery Center
Davis Mediation
OPICA Adult Day Care Services
VIVE Family Support Program
AATBS Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences
Angela Sayers, CPA


Estelle Fisher, LMFT, facilitates mental and emotional healing and well-being in her practice in West Los Angeles. Her work highlights the inherent ability of the human psyche to heal itself, enhanced by the techniques of EMDR and TRM. Estelle fosters the reclamation of personal empowerment, heightening of awareness, and, ultimately, an honest and gratifying expression of Self.