Update about CAMFT for LA-CAMFT

Jonathan Flier, LMFT
Past President, LA-CAMFT
CAMFT Board Directors

Update about CAMFT for LA-CAMFT
by Jonathan Flier, Past President

I am writing this article as a member of the LA-CAMFT Chapter and not in my capacity as a CAMFT Director at Large.

For years, CAMFT has been discussing ways to enhance the CAMFT membership experience and various new programs and benefits have been considered. Included in recent discussion is the consideration of adding a MFT to CAMFT’s organization chart. The addition of a MFT position will be addressed in strategic planning sessions after a new Executive Director is hired has had time to understand the culture and business of CAMFT. To that end, CAMFT will be reaching out to the membership for feedback in coming months regarding possible new programs and benefits. This information will be used by the new Executive Director, Board, and the Strategic Planning Committee to assess the needs of the membership and to ensure CAMFT remains strong, vital and relevant now, and in the future.

After Jill announced her decision to resign, the Board assembled an Executive Director Search Committee that is working with an experienced and reputable search firm to develop a timeline and protocols for the search. We expect the search process will take until November. Jill has agreed to work with the Board during this process to help with a seamless transition. MFTs are encouraged to apply, but having MFT training or licensure is not a requirement for the Executive Director position. Look for updates in the CAMFT newsletter.

Jonathan Flier, MFT is currently serving on the Board of Director of statewide CAMFT. In 2008 he became President and restarted the Los Angeles Chapter of CAMFT. He has supervised interns for over 20 years at the Southern California Counseling Center and has a thriving practice that specializes in working with men, treating trauma and anxiety with somatic based therapies including EMDR, high conflict couples and passionless couples and consultations with licensed MFTs and LCSWs.