The Power of Goal Setting

Maria Gray,

The Power of Goal Setting

When I started my private practice as an intern, I was flexible with my schedule and offered my clients Saturday appointments. I was willing to do whatever I could to build my practice. As my practice grew, I began thinking about my lifestyle, and the number of hours I wanted to spend working and playing each week. I considered the amount of money I wanted to earn, my physical health and my social life. I wrote these goals down on two index cards, and kept them with me at all times. I shared my goals with my mentor, family and friends. I reviewed my index card three times a day, and spent time visualizing what it would feel like to achieve my vision.

Now that I am licensed, I choose to work four days a week, so that I have time to write, take care of my health and enjoy my personal life. One of my dreams was to write and publish a book; I completed my book in November of 2016 and I am currently working on getting it published. I continue to write down my goals on index cards, share them with my friends and review them every day.

I learned a lot from Jack Canfield’s book entitled, The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. Canfield advises his readers to write down their goals, make a public declaration of their vision and be accountable to another person for achieving their dreams.

What are your goals and dreams? I invite you to write them down on an index card and see what happens, you might be surprised.

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