Sponsors Love LA-CAMFT

You may know that over the past six or seven years, LA-CAMFT has been evolving into a vital and stimulating community comprised of an array of mental health professionals, and also lawyers, mediators, doctors, entrepreneurs and artists. It is an organization that people want to affiliate with because of the sense of inclusion and support that lets them know they are valued.

This ambience could not have been established or maintained without the support and continued involvement of our sponsors. When organizations or individuals choose to sponsor an LA-CAMFT event, they generously provide the vital financial backing that enables and supports our activities. But their contributions can go even further. They open the door to a community that recognizes their value and welcomes their ongoing presence and participation.

And where there is investment, there is return. Our growing professional community includes our sponsors, because we know that our strength and vitality comes from embracing the contributions of all participants, whether it’s the pre-licensed intern or the well established and highly regarded rehabilitation center. Together we build a professional environment that bolsters us in our endeavors to bring mental health and healing to those who seek it.

Estelle Fisher
Board Secretary, LA-CAMFT