Latino Support & Alliance

The goals of this SIG are to create a network of support for clinicians working with Latinos, and increase awareness of relevant Latino issues.

To accomplish these goals we hope to:

  • Provide trainings and facilitate discussions on Latino‐specific issues.
  • Offer a forum for case consultations for therapists working with this population
  • Offer language support for bi‐lingual therapists.
  • Provide clinicians with access to community resources for Latinos.
  • Inform and update therapists on policies that are affecting this group.
  • Share knowledge and resources for the purpose of delivering culturally competent mental health services to the Latino community.
  • Facilitate networking among therapist, and arrange for presentations with innovatingways to serve this population.

Questions? Contact the Committee Chairs!

Sandra Espinoza, MFT Intern

Gloria Santos, LMFT