Charlene Kurth

Streamline Your Private Practice

When you were getting your degree in graduate school, there was no shortage of classes in theory or process. But business management? Too left-brained, right? So, chances are, you never formally learned about office management. Now you’ve got your private practice, or are looking to start one, and the business side of it, like billing, process notes, managing appointments, takes up way too much time and never feels like it’s under control.

What if there was a way to streamline all the work that needs to happen after your last client of the night has left?

There is!! Technology to the rescue! Practice management software can manage the business of your private practice, saving you time and energy. You can shift to paperless client intakes, accept online booking, manage appointments and availability, process credit card payments, submit insurance claims, communicate with your clients, and record your process notes.

Imagine what you could do with the time you save—add more clients to your practice, go skiing, take tango lessons. The possibilities are endless!

But, if you’re like many therapists, using new technology is daunting. We know how to process feelings, but spreadsheets, not so much.

So, LA-CAMFT, partnering with SimplePractice, wants to offer you a way to update your tech knowledge and private practice business with a workshop aimed at introducing you to new office management tools.

SimplePractice is generously hosting this workshop, “Your Private Practice Made Simple,” free to LA-CAMFT members, to teach you about programs that will absorb the tedious administrative tasks of your private practice and help you manage your professional life. Let us know if you’re interested by filling out this interest form.


SimplePractice is practice management software for behavioral health and wellness professionals. The cloud-based software and mobile app allow clinicians to manage their practices securely from anywhere, freeing up their time to focus on their patients instead of administrative tasks. The platform offers features such as online booking, therapy notes, credit card processing, electronic claims filing, secure messaging, paperless client intake and more. Learn more about SimplePractice.