SIG Update: 2016 SIGs: A Yearend Wrap Up!

Daniel Factor

Throughout 2016 our SIG leaders and team members have done fantastic work! Each in their own way have spread the word, and kept us growing and connected with enriching workshops and gatherings.

As a volunteer organization, it is especially important to not take for granted the effort that goes into all that SIGs do for us. And so, we all owe our appreciation and gratitude to our SIG leaders:

  • Expressive Arts – Hilary Kern & Michelle Bee
  • Constructive Uncoupling – Victoria Goldfarb & Judith Weigle
  • Somatic Psychotherapy – Daniel Factor & Ilona Varo
  • Pre-Licensed 3000 Club – Deb House & Danielle Feinerman
  • Supervisors SIG – Catherine Auman

In 2016, our SIG leaders and their teams, brought us a wonderful group of talented professionals who each shared their knowledge within their field of expertise as presenters for all of our SIG workshop & gathering, and these generous professional also deserve our gratitude, as well:

  • Expressive Arts – Randi Gottlieb
  • Constructive Uncoupling – Gitu Bhatia, Dennis Cohen, Erin Glass, Victoria Goldfarb, Randi Gottlieb, Abbas Hadjian, Esther Macner, Kathy Memel, John Morrison, Steven Unruh, Judith M. Weigle, Elizabeth Winkler
  • Somatic Psychotherapy – Shia Lavie, Marc Milstein, Nkem Ndefo
  • Pre-Licensed 3000 Club – Sheila Sayani

I am confident that from the momentum built in 2016, which includes the addition of a brand new SIG, Successful and Healthy Aging, Co-Chaired by Max August & Duane Law, that 2017 will be another enriching year for us all!
Be well,
Daniel Factor