SIG Alert: Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists SIG

Helaine Ross, LMFT

LA-CAMFT is a reflection of the rich diversity of the city that is its home. In at least one way, LA-CAMFT may be all the richer thanks to the diversity within our diversity, and by this I mean that in addition to every kind of diversity that one could think of, there is the wide variety of modalities that are practiced by our members. I’d like to celebrate that diversity by utilizing this wonderful outlet we have called Special Interest Groups or SIGs. SIGs offer like-minded professionals the opportunity to exchange thoughts and information in their chosen special interest.

As a practitioner and student of psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy and a member of LA-CAMFT, I find myself wanting to connect with colleagues who want to join me in building a bridge between these two worlds. To that end, I am wondering if there is an interest among the members in forming a Special Interest Group (SIG) for psychodynamic/psychoanalytic psychotherapists. I envision an environment in which we can enrich one another, both professionally and personally. I would ask anyone who might be interested in such a group to reach out to me via email at