September Networking Event Sponsor

Barry Davis

September Networking Event Sponsor
by Barry Davis

Dear LA-CAMFT colleagues:

It was such a pleasure, as the sponsor for the September Networking Event, to meet and speak with so many of you. By now you know that I am convinced that well‐equipped therapists have the power to radically change how divorce is handled in our society, by being a part of the mediation team that provides an alternative to impossibly expensive legal fees and destructive custody battles.

In fact, this belief is supported by the California courts:“The Superior Court of the County of San Francisco and its Family Law Department . . .  recognize that formal adversarial litigation in family law is expensive, time-consuming, and often emotionally destructive for parties and their children. The Court further recognizes that alternative dispute resolution procedures can help parties avoid these undesirable aspects of family law litigation.”

There are multiple reasons why mediation is better for our clients:

  • Cost – A typical litigated divorce costs $100,000 – $150,000.
  • Children – Having the two most important people in their lives fighting it out in court destabilizes the children’s entire world and often makes them feel like pawns in a game.
  • Stress – Caused by the uncertainty of handing the fate of your finances and your children over to a complete stranger (the judge).
  • Time – A litigated divorce often means 2 – 3 years in court.

For more details see Benefits of Mediation (hyperlink to

Psychotherapists are on the ‘front lines’ as trusted allies for both individuals and couples as they try to manage their relationships — you are there when things get difficult! The therapist who is equipped to provide their clients with helpful websites, books, parenting groups, and alternatives to destructive litigation (such as mediation) helps their client understand that:

– They don’t have to let their negative emotions dictate how their divorce plays out.

– Parental conflict is the # 1 traumatizing element for children during divorce. 

There is no denying that divorce is one of the most difficult experiences that our clients go through. Yet, by using the right balance of structure, effective communication, and mutually beneficial compromise, mediation allows couples to productively work through their divorce, develop a healthy co-parenting relationship, and start moving on with their lives.

For helpful books, websites and articles for clients going through divorce:

Divorce Resources

Barry Davis, Divorce Mediator (Manhattan Beach) specializes in helping clients through the divorce process in the most constructive, cost-effective manner possible. He holds Masters Degrees in Clinical Psychology and Conflict Management, is an adjunct professor at Azusa Pacific University and serves on the Torrance Family Court and Second Appellate District mediation panels. YouTube: