Private Practice Success: Marketing: What is Your Plan?

Maria Gray, LMFT, NMP

When I was an intern, my supervisor asked me to develop a marketing plan. Each month, I review and update my plan, set goals, and schedule time for marketing. I carefully track my referral sources and revise my plan accordingly.

Here are some of the items in my plan

  • A list of professional groups to visit and maybe join
  • Social media advertising opportunities
  • Community organizations that might be interested in my services
  • Names of other therapists who I will contact and meet for coffee
  • Alumni contacts
  • Website ideas
  • Writing ideas
  • Online advertising profiles, like Psychology Today
  • Trainings where I could meet other therapists with similar interests

I am licensed now and I still use my marketing plan. I am partial to Excel but you can use any format for your plan, even a paper napkin will suffice. Just write it down and get started!

Maria Gray, LMFT, NMP is a psychotherapist in private practice with offices in West LA and Silver Lake. Maria specializes in trauma and addiction. To learn more about Maria’s practice see Maria’s next marketing workshop, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Building A Profitable Private Practice But Were Afraid To , is scheduled for Saturday, September 17th. To register, go to