Private Practice Success: Marketing 101 for Psychotherapy Groups

Maria Gray, LMFT, NMP

Have you ever thought about starting a group in your practice?

  • Did you know LA-CAMFT members can advertise their groups for free on the LA-CAMFT website?
  • The Group Psychotherapy Association of Los Angeles (GPALA) website is another great place to advertise your group. GPALA members can post their groups on the site. Clients can search the site by category and zip code, to find the right group.
  • Facebook offers many groups for therapists. Consider joining Group Therapy Los Angeles or Mental Health Professionals. Write up a brief post announcing your group and share it online.
  • If you choose to advertise on Social Media be sure to create a flier that will catch people’s attention. Make sure the flier is legible online. If you need help with this, you might consider consulting a graphic artist.
  • Design a simple, printed flyer or postcard. I keep flyers in the trunk of my car, so I remember to bring them to any events I attend. You can find simple flier templates at or
  • Mail flyers to your key contacts (maybe 10-12 people) so that can share them with any individual clients who may be interested in group.
  • Keep some flyers in your office and share them with any individual clients who would be a good fit for group.
  • Develop a brief, professional email and spread the word to friends and colleagues.

Maria Gray, LMFT, NMP is a psychotherapist in private practice with offices in West LA and Silver Lake. Maria specializes in trauma and addiction. To learn more about Maria’s marketing workshop, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Building A Profitable Private Practice But Were Afraid To Ask see her website: Her next event is Saturday, September 17th.