President’s Message: Perspective and Planting

Randi Gottlieb
President, LA-CAMFT

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The data is in! 2016 is in full swing and the level of LA-CAMFT activity is most definitely revving up! We had over a hundred attendees at our first Networking Event of the year and standing room only at our January 10th Involvement and Leadership Gathering. The Somatic Special Interest Group’s February 7th Hakomi workshop sold out. The first two Constructive Uncoupling monthly gatherings filled to capacity and its participant list has topped 100. There are several new Special Interest Groups currently going through the process of developing their mission statements and getting board approval to launch. We are attracting new sponsors eager to support our events, and first month analysis shows promise that we can expect to see solid growth in our financial reserves this year.

To what can we attribute this successful chapter activity? The answer lies squarely in the vision, strategic planning, and steady work effort put in by the leadership team during the past year. What will it take for LA-CAMFT to continue to thrive and develop as a relevant therapy association that can meet the needs of our growing community? LA-CAMFT’s continued success depends on whether we continue to attract new blood; i.e. on the willingness of new members to get involved and keep the current momentum going. A volunteer association such as LA-CAMFT grows or wanes depending on the level of involvement and commitment of its members.

We have come a long way and we still have far to go. Isn’t that always the case? Satisfaction for where we are at any given moment depends on ones expectations and perspective. At the same time that I clearly see and celebrate the success listed above, I also see the board positions that remain vacant and the projects that are still in development such as our chapter’s Crisis Response and Recovery Network, just to name one very important one. I ask myself if I will be able to fulfill my commitment as president and complete all of the goals I have set for the chapter this year?

I remind myself that what we accomplish this year depends not only on my commitment to the chapter, but on the chapter members’ interests and capacity to get involved. My job is to articulate the vision for our chapter and to support the chapter board of directors and committee and special interest group chairs so that together we create a vibrant culture of inclusion and opportunity. I can set the stage, but ultimately the collective member community will determine what actually gets developed. To use another metaphor, I can seed the garden but must remember that some seeds will sprout and grow to bear fruit and others will not. As evidenced by the bounty we are now harvesting, the soil is fertile and our crops are doing great! That said, if you want to continue to reap the harvest, we could use your help to tend the garden.