President’s Message

Shelley Pearce
Shelley Pearce
President, LA-CAMFT

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Assuming the president’s role at the leadership retreat in June made for an accelerated entry into my process of envisioning our association’s future. I was truly moved by the connections made, rich diversity, and great ideas that resulted from the daylong collaboration between board directors and emerging leaders willing to give so much of their time to advance our association and our profession. Since then, I’ve talked with many of you at events and meetings, and am heartened by what’s being expressed; I am hearing a deep resonance with my own desire, to be part of a community that seeks to deepen compassion with each other and the world.

Every day, we’re given the opportunity to imbue healing qualities in how we treat our clients.  When we’re at our best, we strive for that at home too, with our friends, and in the world.  I feel inspired by that pursuit, especially working with the many individuals in this field who are similarly motivated.

LA-CAMFT leaders work to support this kind of integrity and caring as we bring the best parts of ourselves to our profession, in all its diversity and potential. In that mission, we host a variety of excellent educators each month to continually enhance knowledge and clinical skills (and CEUs required for maintaining our licenses).  The board has also created an entire leadership workshop series for any member interested in developing those skills for themselves.  We offer community-building in ever evolving forms, from hikes, mentorships, and coffee meetups, to picnics, networking and appreciation events, and all sorts of special interest groups.

If you haven’t been involved until now, check us out.  We embrace inclusivity and diversity in our dialogue and work and are open to collaboration with a variety of healing arts. In fact, many folks may not be aware that all sorts of professionals are already a part of our community beyond licensed psychotherapists.  Our networking meetings draw MFTIs, LCSWs LPCCs, holistic practitioners and psychologists, mediators, attorneys, and accountants to name a few.  It’s a great opportunity to grow your network of caring professionals, expand referral sources, meet trustworthy colleagues, and in some cases, make lasting friends.  I for one have personally experienced tremendous personal and professional benefits   since becoming involved with LA-CAMFT, and feel much gratitude for the connections.  I invite all of you to explore what we have to offer and stay tuned to what the future holds and how we all can be part of and benefit from our Community of Compassionate Professionals.

Shelley Pearce,

Shelley Pearce, LMFT is currently serving as President of the CAMFT Los Angeles Chapter Board of Directors. She has a private counseling office in Santa Monica, and regularly consults by video conference with colleagues and clients. She serves on the board of The Global Bridge humanitarian foundation and helped create, an extensive, free online resource for counselors. She synthesizes a breadth of career diversity, education, experience, and a sincere desire to help in her service and practice with individuals and couples.