November Member Highlight: Jordan Marks, MFT, PPSC, PhD candidate

Jordan Marks
Jordan Marks is excited to be back in his native Los Angeles. He is a Marriage and Family Therapist, and now a PhD candidate in Mind-Body Medicine. In addition to his work as a licensed psychotherapist, Jordan also uses somatic psychotherapy, Hakomi, attachment work (AEDP), hypnotherapy and inclusive of his new study area, mind-body medicine and techniques. Although the majority of his clients are adult individuals and couples, Marks is a certified school counselor, with training and experience working with students of all ages. He particularly enjoys working with teenagers and their families.

Jordan has a dynamic communication style with his clients and patients.  He offers direct personal feedback, and makes interpretations that are aimed at supporting each client in reaching their goals and expectations. His practice is collaborative, engaging, warm and straightforward. While holding clients accountable to do their work, he is encouraging, and genuinely cares about their personal growth, helping them to gain insights into deeper issues that may be holding them back.

Jordan also enjoys collaboration and consultation with other therapists. Although born in Los Angeles, his practice is new to our city. He is hoping to build a network of like-minded therapists from LA-CAMFT for on-going consultations and support.
His new offices are in the Pacific Palisades and Beverly Hills.