Member Spotlight: Sylvia Sandler

Sylvia Sandler, MFTi

“We have been watching you since CAMFTs Holiday party back in 2015, and we are hoping you will say yes!” And there it was! After being tapped by LA-CAMFTs Board President, Randi Gottlieb, to join the January 2017 Board Meeting, I blushed at the proposition of entering into a committed relationship with another love of my life, namely, our wonderful chapter of LA-CAMFT, (1st place goes to my husband, Tucker and my three kids). The generous offer of becoming the new Editor of Voices, starting with the March 2017 issue, was overwhelming. Next thing I knew, Kane Phelps, our Membership Chair of LA-CAMFT, suggested that I be profiled in this month’s Member Spotlight.

Though taken by surprise, I knew what I had to do. Both of these conversations sparked my excitement. It was my turn to show “I have skin in the game,” and demonstrate my desire to “walk the walk” of supporting our local chapter.

My name is Sylvia J. Sandler. I am a pre-licensed Marriage and Family Intern stealthily focused on becoming licensed in the near future. I am a Jewish-Mexican, a proud immigrant who successfully acculturated and assimilated into the United States. After graduating from UCLA in 1994, I worked full-time at Fortune Magazine while pursuing a Master’s Degree from Phillips Graduate Institute as an evening student. By June 2001, I was nearly halfway done with my hours. However, pre-pregnancy complications temporarily halted my licensing journey. Fifteen years later, after raising a family, I reapplied for a subsequent registration, which the BBS granted in November of 2015. I unequivocally credit the relationships that I have formed with LA-CAMFT board members with my successful re-entry into the field as a subsequent registrant. I recently finished a clinical placement at Chabad Treatment Center, and my drive toward licensing continues at my current clinical placement, at The Ness Counseling Center.

As Editor of Voices, I am committed to working hard, and so very excited to engage with all of you and get to know you better. I invite you to come lend your voice to ours so that with your input and with my gentle sensitivity we produce the very best that LA-CAMFT has to offer.
Sylvia J. Sandler, M.A., holds a subsequent registration with the Board of Behavioral Sciences as a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern, (#90381). Sylvia is bi-lingual and fully proficient in reading and writing in the Spanish language. Sylvia is currently gaining hours towards licensing at The Ness Counseling Center on a volunteer basis. You may reach her by email at