Member Spotlight: Kane Phelps, LA-CAMFT Membership Chair

Kane Phelps
Membership Chair

When Kane Phelps went into private practice after retiring from a long career with the LA Department of Children and Family Services, he joined LACAMFT for professional networking and camaraderie. After attending only a few networking events, Kane came to the 2014 Summer Leadership Retreat where he learned about positions needing to be filled on the board. And just like that, at the end of the day, going ‘round the room, each person sharing final thoughts, Kane said he’d commit to being Membership Chair.

During his three and a half years of leadership service to LACAMFT, Kane become “the face of membership” for LA-CAMFT. In that capacity, he initiated Kane’s Korner as a regular feature of Voices. In addition, Kane raised the therapist community’s awareness and linkage to the Soldier’s Project. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, Kane, for the quiet, powerful, mindful presence you bring to our community, for your twinkly eyes, exuberant laugh, and seasoned wisdom.

As Kane leaves board leadership, it seems only fitting that we shine the member spotlight on him in gratitude for his exemplary service to LACAMFT. In his own words . . .

I came on board as membership chair in June, ’14 at the summer leadership retreat. My commitment then and throughout has been to be the face of LA-CAMFT, attend meetings and give shout outs for recruitment and the like, essentially, to be a cheerleader for the organization.

In addition, I have had the opportunity to affect several initiatives that I am proud of: changing of membership renewals from Jan 1st of every calendar year to the anniversary date of when members sign up. Lynne Azpeitia was my collaborator and, in truth, she was the leader. We worked extensively on the membership welcome emails as well as the reminder emails. I also initiated, in collaboration with Nattan Hollander, two pilot programs, the mentor program and the newly licensed welcoming ritual. I trust the welcoming ritual will become an annual tradition for the chapter and truly hope that the mentoring program, which was initiated as a pilot program, will live on for many years offering needed support to the newly licensed members of the chapter.

It has been an honor to give 3-1/2 years of service to the organization. The most rewarding aspect has been the warm and caring relationships that have developed. Randi Gottlieb has been a continual inspiration. Both Lynne Azpeitia and Nattan Hollander have been terrific collaborators, and all the board members have been a joy to work with. Board meetings were never a chore. On the contrary, I have served on the boards of several organizations and LA-CAMFT stands out as the most supportive and loving of them all.