Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Lira M.A., MFTi

Elizabeth Lira M.A., MFTi

Elizabeth Lira M.A., MFTi joined LA-CAMFT while in school and has been a member since 2014. After joining Elizabeth immediately signed up for CAMFT’s Expressive Arts group. At the time the group included among others Jonathan Flier and Ruth Subrin; as a newcomer to Los Angeles Elizabeth was so happy to find such a welcoming group. In addition to the arts group, Elizabeth knew she had found her tribe after attending her first CAMFT picnic. Jumping forward to a year and a half Elizabeth was asked to sit in for CAMFT‘s business card drawing, and has been in charge of it ever since!

Elizabeth has overcome personal adversity, and six years ago as a single mom to two sons, decided to begin the arduous journey towards becoming a marriage and family therapist by taking 2 classes in community college. Fast forward to today she has her master’s degree, has completed the required 3000 hours, passed the first exam, and is currently preparing to sit for the clinical exam.

Professionally Elizabeth discovered her affinity and acumen for working with the geriatric population while working as a volunteer at OPICA Adult Day Program and Counseling Center in January of 2012. In September of 2012 she started as a MFT trainee and following graduation was hired on in a full-time staff position. Her passion for working with the senior population is expressed through her clinical work where she provides both individual and couple counseling specializing in caregiver stress, grief and loss, age related issues such as increased isolation, physical challenges of aging, and adaptation to changing roles. In addition to her work as a therapist Elizabeth and her colleague Anne Galbraith co-facilitate a monthly mindfulness based art workshop. The workshops are provided to educate, support and provide a creative outlet through mindfulness to individuals and families coping with chronic stress and health conditions.