Member Involvement: 2000 Hours Made Easy

The successful completion of my last 2000 hours is inextricably intertwined with my involvement with LA-CAMFT.

In May 2012, before I even started my first traineeship at the Maple Counseling Center, I worked on the registration team for an LA-CAMFT event. That day I chatted with a number of folks about my upcoming traineeship, graduate school and being bilingual in Spanish.

One year later, I worked on the registration team again at an LA-CAMFT event, and one of the people I met the previous year came up and spoke to me about an IOP treatment center she was gearing up to open for Clare Foundation.  She remembered meeting me here earlier at that 2012 event! I ended up getting a job as part of the outreach team that then opened Conscious Recovery in January 2014.  Once we opened, I became the Intake Coordinator, and did about 85% of all of the intakes for the first 10 months of operation, ran groups, and met with clients individually.  Thanks to that opportunity, I ended up maxing out all of my hours, except for the children, families and couples requirement.

The solution for how to obtain those children, family and couples hours then presented itself at the LA-CAMFT holiday party last December. I met a colleague who had interned at Family Service of Santa Monica, and his referral to the director there led to two interviews and a fantastic internship offer.

I’m happy to report that I am now just under 100 hours away from the 3000 mark, and I know that I have LA-CAMFT to thank for the fantastic opportunities that I have had along this journey.

In addition to these work experiences, LA-CAMFT has introduced me to a number of individual clinicians who have become mentors and friends along the way. I am very grateful for their input and thank LA-CAMFT for creating the environment in which these relationships have flourished.

Paul Gutrecht