Member Highlight: Paulette Rochelle-Levy, MFT

Paulette Rochelle-Levy, MFT

Walking the Creative Path Paulette Rochelle-Levy, MFT

It is a blessing for me to be an artist as a psychotherapist. It is an honor to be invited into the soul of another being. What a creative challenge to integrate intuition, and skill.

Teaching only that which I intimately know, I continue to grow and learn. I sometimes fall down, yet I am learning how to rise up. I personally understandthe alchemy of transforming suffering into wisdom. Having healed from a childhood of tragedy and trauma, I have been married and divorced and raised two daughters as a single mom. I am reaping the rewards by watching my grandson grow and graduate from college!

I see myself as a powerful model for becoming whole again. My work is called Wholistic Psychotherapy, as the work is an integration of Spirit, Body, Mind, combining the mystical with the very down-to-earth. My practice consists of people of all ages – and lately, to my surprise, several adolescents and young adults.

My work as a healer began more than forty years ago-as a Dance Therapist, Massage Therapist and since 1982 a LMFT. I get just as much pleasure today as when I first was called into this work. I believe I have a child-like wonder and curiosity about people. The more I know–the more I know- I do not know.

An artist in many forms, I have been a sculptor, painter, writer, teacher and actor. I have investigated many forms of meditation. My deepest, highest form is through Dance/Movement meditation.

I am vitally interested in dance as prayer. I lead Dancing with the Divine: Shabbat services and this fall, will again, be co-leading High Holy Days: Dance your Prayers.

I’m in Santa Monica near the ocean and the mountains. I dance, swim, hike, write, paint, travel, share time with friends and family and am learning to sing, as I walk my creative path.

Wholistic Psychotherapy includes:
EMDR, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt, PsychoSpiritual Therapy, Walking in Your Shoes, Mindful Movement. Also Creativity Coaching.
Paulette is the author of: Dancing with the Divine: Prayers & Meditations for Movement & Stillness And Shall Be a Blessing

CAMFT Member 1986-2016