Member Highlight: Laurel Jones

I was honored when Kane chose me to be the next “Member Spotlight”; honored because that meant I’m considered honorary member of a most wonderful community of therapists. Despite not being an “official” member, I feel apart of the family, and at its heart, that’s what I’ve found LA-CAMFT is all about: inclusion, open arms and warmth.

I’ve been apart of this community since September 2014. LA-CAMFT Communication chair, Rena Jacobs, a long-time colleague of mine, called me up and asked me if I wanted to work with her at LA-CAMFT as the Webmaster for this non-profit. I said yes and immediately jumped into the fray with the arduous task of redesigning LA-CAMFT’s brand and website. This on top of making the email marketing and social marketing more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. It was a long and challenging process but fruitful and very successful in the end.

Most of my experience in my web design career so far had been with advertising agencies, small businesses, and consulting agencies. Coming into a non-profit, specifically one around the therapy community has offered me the opportunity to learn about this diverse and warm group of individuals and their unique perspective on life and living. Being around and having conversations with various members has helped improve my actions and has reminded me to be more mindful and aware of my actions and of others.

I don’t have much to offer in the way of insightful therapeutic advice, or helpful career nuggets since I’m just a web designer, but I can offer all of my gratitude toward those at LA-CAMFT who have helped me become a better me.

Laurel Jones is a UI/UX designer by trade and works full-time for a technical consulting company, applying her expertise to Salesforce projects. You can view her work and learn more about her on her website,