May Member Highlight: Jamie Roberts

“Life is a journey, not a destination” –Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I first heard this quote on the high school volleyball court used by the coach as an attempt to create appreciation for the blistering summer practices. At that time I had no idea the way those seven words would impact my life. Eventually I moved away from the volleyball courts, through my undergraduate career at UCLA on to graduate school and into the “real world.” Along the way whenever I would trip, something didn’t go as planned or was just uncomfortable I would hear the words, “it is just a part of my journey.” This allowed me to be present in the experience and push forward.

My Journey as a psychotherapist is just beginning (I am almost done with my hours!) Fortunately I have found support and guidance while being involved as a volunteer in LA-CAMFT organization. I hold this quote with me not only in my life but while I am with clients. What can I share with someone to assist in their journey? What can I learn that will shape my experience? As an adolescent psychotherapist I help teens have more confidence, self awareness and emotional regulation. What I am really passionate about is the process of change in which a person is able to gain control, understanding and acceptance of their life experiences.

Over time my understanding of those seven words has shifted. I now know that while the journey is priceless it is also important to have a destination to journey toward.

Jamie Roberts
MFT Intern
IMF 76975
Supervised by Dr. Derek Ott M.D.