Making Membership Easier on You!

Kane Phelps
Membership Chair, LA-CAMFT

We’ve now made it simpler and easier to join LA-CAMFT and to renew memberships each year by personalizing renewal dates for all LA-CAMFT members.

Why is this good news?
With personalized renewal date memberships, no matter what date you join LA-CAMFT, you get 12 full months of membership in our organization from the date you joined. 12 full months!

For example, if you join on February 1, your membership begins that day and ends on January 31. Your renewal date each year will be February 1. Same is true for every month of the year, even November and December! Join anytime and you’ll get 12 full months of LA-CAMFT membership and benefits

Why the change?
Prior to 2016, membership was based on the calendar year. Everyone’s annual membership began on January 1 and ended on December 31 no matter what date they joined or renewed their membership—and each year on January 1 membership dues was due, again.

While this worked just fine for a long time, as LA-CAMFT has grown and expanded. People now want to join LA-CAMFT all year round!

As a result, we discovered that a 12 month calendar year membership beginning January 1 and ending on December 31 was a barrier for people who wanted to join after January 1 and get a full year of value from their membership.

When paying yearly dues, people want a 12 full months of membership for their dues dollar—they want to get the full 12 months of value from their membership.

We listened–and figured out a way to make that happen.

From this day forward, membership dues will still be for 1 year, however, each member’s annual membership renewal date will be on the anniversary of the date they joined or on the date they renewed their membership.

We have set up a system so that each member will receive an email reminding them to renew 30 days prior to the date their membership year ends. Because of the January 1 renewal date for many of our current members, they will be reminded to renew on Dec.1.

Celebrate this new membership milestone with us—and let your friends and colleagues know that they can now join LA-CAMFT any day of the year for a full 12 months of membership benefits.