LA-CAMFT Involvement: Migration to Los Angeles a Breeze

Deanna Burcina

As a recently licensed Marriage and Family Therapist from San Jose, CA, I began planning a move to Los Angeles nearly a year ago.  Starting over in a new city can be overwhelming and a little scary, but I was determined! While driving down to Los Angeles periodically for job interviews, I wanted to make the most use of the trips possible and was eager to meet other therapists, whom I lovingly refer to as “my people.”  A few minutes on Google led to my discovery of the LA-CAMFT chapter and my first networking event in May 2015.

My table host, Daniel Factor, LMFT, was a kind and welcoming representative of LA-CAMFT who invited questions and provided connections! In my continued pursuit of establishing a network, I sent Daniel a brief email a few days later.  That email led to an invitation to attend the LA-CAMFT Summer Leadership Conference in June, where I was able to meet and become more personally acquainted with many other licensed marriage and family therapists. 

Through more introductions and emails, I connected with another lively personality and well-established therapist, Gary Brown, Ph.D., LMFT, who was gracious enough to meet me for lunch to chat and welcome me to Los Angeles.  This introduction led to another one with an LCSW and an opportunity to sublet office space. Before I had even unpacked my boxes in my new home in August, my official move to this great city, I had secured a full-time job and, thanks to LA-CAMFT, I had a mentor and a small, budding private practice in Westwood. 

My friends and family back home are thrilled and surprised that I’ve set up shop so quickly, especially considering I knew no one prior to moving here.  Without sounding like an Infomercial, my transition would not have been as seamless without the networking opportunities made available through LA-CAMFT.  I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of that first event in May or with my decision to relocate.