LA-CAMFT 2016 Board Election Results

Our bi-annual elections were held via email/internet polling during the month of October 2016. Typical of CAMFT’s local chapters, the most difficult task is to maintain a full board, search for and develop leadership skills within the membership and find members who have the time, skills and desire for service to fulfill board positions. Another important way to keep the positions covered is to make appointments during the time between elections. It’s also essential to help current board members practice “self-care” so they don’t experience burnout and feel confident that they can fulfill time on the board while engaged in other personal and professional commitments.

The Slate of Nominees we offered were a mix of board members who have served for several years. Some were finishing their first term in office and others were appointed during the past year or so.

The ballot contained all their names and positions and sought approval from our members. Along with the ballot we sent two questions and received some great feedback on “What do you value most about LA-CAMFT?” and “What organizational or program changes would you like to see in the near future?”

All candidates received unequivocal approval. Here is the list:

President – Randi Gottlieb
President Elect – Shelly Pearce
Chief Financial Officer – Billie Klayman
Secretary – Estelle Fisher
Membership Chair – Kane Phelps
SIG Chair – Daniel Factor
Networking Event Chair – Darlene Basch
Pre-License Representative – Deborah Faith House
Communications – Lynne Azpeitia
At Large-Special Events – Steve Unruh

The answers to the two questions proposed are below:

What do you value most about LA-CAMFT?

  • Meetings with CEUs, connection
  • The support and availability of the board.
  • I appreciate the competence and dedication of the LACAMFT board.
    LACAMFT creates and holds a space for colleagues at all levels of the profession to become acquainted and develop.
  • Relationships, both professionally and personally.
  • I am so grateful that the Board people are willing to continue for another year.
  • The newsletters and the Networking Brunches!
  • LA-CAMFT provides a community for MFT’s, students, interns, and other closely related professions that is well organized, welcoming and interesting.
  • The program each month is enjoyable and worthwhile.
  • The networking events and workshops.
  • The opportunity to meet with other members.
  • The community and the educational opportunities.
  • Affordable pricing. Friendly atmosphere,
  • The monthly meetings to connect with my peers, have fun, and garnering CEU’s. I love the camaraderie.
  • Networking and getting to know other therapists and related professionals
  • Opportunity to meet colleagues, educational programs, directory listings.
  • The leadership, community, and learning.
  • The opportunity to commune with a group of MFTs and the information and support from the organization
  • Warm professional environment.
  • I love the networking and the fact that it is structured. Good topics for ceus.
  • The Olympic collection is a great space.
  • The speakers and variety of CEU topic; Literature table; Participants’ brief announcements; Warmth and dedication of the staff; Shared meals.
  • The wonderful spirit and involvement of so many.
    The meetings are balanced with helpful items and events.
  • The value for people and the excellent work they do. Thank you for your commitment.
  • Meeting colleagues, networking, education and information, sharing ideas and visions.
  • Knowing that you all are there for us and working on our behalf.

What organizational or program changes would you like to see in the near future?

  • Start a speakers’ bureau.
  • Increase provider opportunities for MFTs.
  • I would like to see a greater diversity of membership. Where are our colleagues of color?
  • Have networking meetings from 9:30-11:30 again
  • Keep up the tradition of how well it was formulated from its inception. It works!
  • Somewhat more time at monthly meetings for the special topic of the month and somewhat less for routine organizational affairs.
  • We need to somehow become more diverse. Too few members of color.
  • Improved visibility of the website directory. Popping up with searches.
  • More weekend meetings. I work all week and can no longer attend Weekday meetings. Thank you for all your hard work.
  • More attention to Students.
  • All good!
  • Different time maybe on Saturday; a little later.
  • Two months advance notice of meeting dates and proposed topics, so that I can plan ahead for better attendance.
  • Add Memory Training to help older adults.
  • I really like the way it is set up.
  • Some programs about the current state of private practice in California, impact of the Affordable Care Act.
  • On private practice, pros and cons of taking insurance, etc. Financial survival tips.
  • Wouldn’t comment unless I was willing to do it! Again, THANK YOU ALL