Kane’s Korner

Kane Phelps
Membership Chair, LA-CAMFT

2017 has begun with a record breaking new member sign up! Twenty six new members in just the last 30 days. What does that say about LA-CAMFT? We are an dynamic, forward looking and supportive group that our professional colleagues want to be a part of. A humongous welcome to the following new members. We hope to see you soon at either a networking meeting or SIG workshop:

George Angelo
Mary Baker
Ceccily Bednash
Alan Caramatti
Meagan Cronin
Bedelcia Franco
Leana Gutierrez
Stephanie Hansen
Omer Harari
Ian Howard
Carolyn Jordan
Eric Kruse
Rezal Martinez-Gillies
Olivia Modica
Michela Passoni
Ranjita Rao
Ladan Safvati
Tracy Santomarco
Minh Tran
Frank Turner

Our Member Spotlight goes to Voices Editor, Sylvia Sandler. Please join me in welcoming Sylvia! I’ll let her introduce herself to you in her own words below.