Kane’s Korner

Kane Phelps
Membership Chair, LA-CAMFT

Membership continues to grow and thrive! A glorious welcome to recent, new or renewing members: Kathleen Memel, Kirstin Carl, Marta Castillo, Harvey Glen, Carol Kochoff, Ellen Richey, and Casy Weitzman. It should be noted that both Kathleen and Kirsten have demonstrated their faith in our community by becoming lifetime members. In other membership news, congratulations to Paula Gluck, LMFT, on becoming newly married. We also want to extend our best wishes to Darrel Slack, who just recently moved here and made a priority of joining LA-CAMFT.

I am honored this month to introduce Tracy Bevington, LMFT, as the featured Member Spotlight for June. Tracy has been active with LA-CAMFT since 2009 when she was an intern, and since then has established a thriving private practice. As you will read, she has further extended her entrepreneurial skills by creating a clinic for other MFT’s in her community. Tracy currently serves as Co-Chair of the Networking registration team. She is a sterling example of giving first (volunteering) and then receiving.