Jonathan Flier: Director-at-Large Position on CAMFT Board

Jonathan Flier, LMFT
Past President, LA-CAMFT

During the past eight years, I’ve served on the LA-CAMFT Board as President for 6 years and as Past President for 2 years. I am currently serving as Director-at-Large on the Board of statewide CAMFT.

CAMFT is holding elections in March. I am running for a 2nd two-year term as Director-at-Large.

Please vote for me. I pledge to keep up the progress CAMFT has made toward becoming a more member-driven organization with a productive collaboration between the Staff, Board, and Membership.

I spent two years studying Organizational Psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley. I bring a deep understanding of the forces at play in Organizational Systems. I‘ve used that systemic viewpoint to strengthen the dialogue between the CAMFT board, staff and membership.

I’m a strong advocate for increased diversity, LGBTQ concerns, and a larger pre-licensed representation on the board. In a second term, I will continue to encourage CAMFT contributing to the political dialogue that supports the needs and rights of our undervalued, underserved and underrepresented minority populations.

I support CAMFT’s continued efforts to have MFTs become Medicare providers. I urge CAMFT to lobby Congress to address the burden of student loan debts by increasing debt forgiveness programs for those who serve the needs of the poor and indigent in our communities. I’ll work towards CAMFT addressing the insurance monopolistic policies that keep reimbursements below community standards for medical services, as well as lobbying for a one-payer system for the health needs of Californians.

I’ll encourage CAMFT to work with the agencies to be able to financially support their interns with wages for services rendered. Since this could be a substantial burden on most agencies, we need creative solutions to this seemingly unsolvable situation. We can’t be creating indigent college graduates who cannot sustain a livelihood, while serving the needs of their indigent clients.

As a chapter Past President, I’m interested in enhancing the organizing activities of the local CAMFT Chapters throughout the state. Each chapter is unique and needs CAMFT’s resources to help them increase their effectiveness to build membership.

When I joined the Board, my mission was to help CAMFT grow by enabling MFTs to experience the benefits beyond access to lawyers and workshops. In the past two years CAMFT has succeeded in that effort. Our members now feel more empowered and acknowledged by their Board of Directors and the staff.

I strongly support the current plan to devote considerable financial resources, professional staff, and board member time to create and execute a new marketing plan to educate the public and political representatives on “What is an MFT?” This includes valuing the level of training and experience MFTs bring to their role as mental health professionals.

Please vote for me so I can continue to work for you.

Thank you,
Jonathan Flier