January Members Highlight: John Mews, BMT, MA, MFTi & Krista Hawkins, LMFTi

This month, we feature two interns promoting the Expressive Arts Therapy: John Mews, BMT, MA, MFTi & Krista Hawkins, LMFTi.

John Mews, BMT, MA, MFTI
John Mews is so excited to be a member of the LA-CAMFT chapter! Since his first networking meeting he knew he wanted to be a part of our dynamic group and help out in any way that he could.

Over the past year Mews has been involved with the Expressive Arts Therapy Special Interest group. Mews acknowledges, “It has truly been a privilege to be able to contribute my experience, knowledge and passion to this chapter.”

John is keenly interested in promoting the benefits of expressive arts/music therapy. He has witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of this type of therapy, particularly when other types of therapy have not been successful. Over the past few years Mews has authored a series of articles for Autism Parenting Magazine and has been a guest presenter at numerous workshops and conferences. Mews served on the board of Music Therapy Association of British Columbia, and has taught music therapy courses at Capilano University.

John has been in private practice as a music therapist for the past 12 years supporting families of children with special needs, first in Vancouver, BC for the first 10 years, and then in Los Angeles for the past 2 years. In 2011 he received his Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, which allowed him to support his entire family through counseling, and family and sibling support.

Having recently completed his marriage and family therapy hour requirements for licensure, Mews looks forward to becoming licensed in early in 2016.

John’s private practice is based in Santa Monica where he specializes in supporting families of children with special needs. He is also managing the Music Therapy Program at La Ventana Eating Disorders Treatment Program. John has also collaborated with UCLArts and Healing to bring the Glee Choir Program to Southern California. Glee Choir is a music therapy program for adults with special needs that John created and launched in Canada. Click here to view the Glee Choir documentary.

“I am grateful to be a part of LA-CAMFT and look forward to another great year supporting this organization and helping to promote expressive art therapies.”

For more information contact John at john@mewsicmoves.com or visit his website at www.mewsicmoves.com

Krista Hawkins, LMFTi

Krista was introduced to LA-CAMFT by her colleague, Hillary Kern. Hillary is the co-chair of the Expressive Arts Therapy special interest group (SIG) for LA-CAMFT and invited Krista to come to a group meeting. At that first meeting she immediately felt the synergy of the group, providing more opportunities for collaboration among therapists with expressive arts’ specialties.  Hawkins is now a committee member of the Expressive Arts SIG.

Hawkins desire to be a therapist came primarily from her interest in using art as a healing tool, coupled with her work with women and their children as survivors of domestic violence.  This led Hawkins to enroll in the graduate program at Loyola Marymount University where she earned her Masters in Marital and Family Therapy with specialized training in Clinical Art Therapy. Krista worked with a variety of populations during her training, such as school base, trauma, wrap around, adults and youth on probation, and acutely mentally ill adults.

Currently, Hawkins works with co-occurring adults and youth with many mental health challenges at a treatment center in Los Angeles County. She is also the founder of Authentically You, Inc., her private practice where she takes all of her knowledge, expertise, and experience and focuses it towards conducting workshops, mini-retreats, and semi-private groups for Interns by helping them resolve the effects of work-related stress, to strengthen their self-care practices, and to bring more balance into their lives.

As an Intern, Krista fully understands the demands that therapists experience and what is needed to thrive in this profession. Krista has been studying, researching, assessing, analyzing, and mentoring people in stress management and self-care for over 10 years. She has been able to successfully navigate the pressures of having high caseloads, demanding paperwork deadlines, while balancing work and family.

“It has been a privilege to join and work with the LA-CAMFT group. I look forward to whatever the future brings.”

For more information contact Krista at: Info4AuthenticallyYou@gmail.com.