It’s the Law of Attraction, Not the Law of Abracadabra

Chellie Campbell

It’s the Law of Attraction,
Not the Law of Abracadabra

by Chellie Campbell

I love affirmations, and believe in the Law of Attraction. When you focus on the positive every day, it seeps into your being. You look happier, you stand taller, you smile more often.

But it’s not going to work unless you combine it with the Law of Action and take some positive steps to accomplish your goals. After all, how many affirmations would you have to say in front of a piano before you could play it? You see the problem.

But some people don’t think positive thinking works at all. A woman posted this comment about affirmations on my blog after I mentioned saying “People love to give me money!”:

“Oh, Chellie. Right off the bat you’ve hit my “this will never work” button. When saying this affirmation, all I can think about is the lack I’ve had in my life since childhood. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna say it, but this will truly be a “fake it, ’til you make it” affirmation for me!”

Ah, yes, “Fake it ‘til you make it”, that great old show biz adage. Well, I’m here to tell you it works. And here’s why:

You’re wearing your thinking.

You wear your thoughts like you wear clothes. Your thinking shows up on your face and in your body language and in your energy. You are projecting joy, success, and prosperity or you are projecting misery, failure, and poverty. And all points in between. People can see it and they can feel it. They respond, consciously and unconsciously, to the thoughts you project.

I explained this once on a radio show in Billings, Montanta, when my book, The Wealthy Spirit, was first released. The interviewer was Tommy B, and the call letters of the radio station were KBUL. I pictured him as a skeptical guy in a cowboy hat and boots, and didn’t think he was going to be wildly enthusiastic about practicing positive thinking.

I was right. The first thing Tommy said after he introduced me was “I have to tell you I am a skeptic. You aren’t going to tell me that saying some silly positive phrases is going to make me more money, are you?”

“Well, yes, Tommy, I am,” I said.

“Okay,” he said, sounding perfectly delighted to have some controversy, “You are going to have to explain how that works.”

“It’s really quite logical,” I explained. “For example, let’s say a friend of yours walks into your house and he’s really angry about something. Can you tell he’s angry before he says so?”

“Yes,” replied Tommy.

“Well, he looks happy.”

“Yes—because you’re wearing your thinking. Your emotional state is reflected in your body language and on your face.”

“I guess that’s true,” said Tommy. “But how is that going to make me more money?”

“Wait and I’ll explain,” I said. “Do you network in the community to promote your radio show? Do you go to Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, and other business or trade associations meetings?”

“Oh, sure,” he replied. “I go to things like that all the time.”

“When you’re there, do you notice that some people look happy and successful, and other people look angry and complaining?”

“Yes,” chuckled Tommy.

“And, in addition to promoting yourself, do you sometimes hire the people you meet to provide products or services for you? To design or print your business cards, or sell you stationery supplies, or provide your insurance?”


“So do you hire the people who look happy and successful, or do you hire the people who look angry and complaining?

“I hire the people who look happy and successful,” he replied.


“Because if they look happy and successful, I expect they will do a good job. It will be a pleasure working with them and there won’t be any problems.”

“Exactly,” I said. “That is why positive thinking works. You repeat positive statements to yourself in order to talk yourself into a happy, successful feeling. That feeling is going to show on your face and in your body language. People will look at your smiling face, hear the smile in your voice, and see you as successful. Whether you are or not! In show business they say to “Fake it ‘til you make it.” Positive thinkers are using that principle in daily life. Act joyful and successful every day, and more people will hire you and be willing to pay you top dollar. Soon you’ll find you aren’t acting anymore. You’ll actually be successful. And happy. And rich.” “Oh,” exclaimed Tommy. “I never thought about it like that.”

We’re all wearing our thinking, and other people can tell what it is. So do you want to be wearing prosperity or poverty?

Chellie Campbell is the author of bestselling books The Wealthy SpiritZero to Zillionaire, and most recently From Worry to Wealthy: A Woman’s Guide to Financial Success Without the Stress. She is widely quoted in major media including RedbookGood Housekeeping and more than 50 popular books. She has been treating Money Disorders like Spending Bulimia and Income Anorexia in her Financial Stress Reduction® Workshops for over 25 years.