In Case of Emergency

By Riley K. Smith, M.A., LMFT

We’ve all noticed a high degree of upset in our selves and our clients. Mystics of several traditions have described this time of anxiety, chaos and upset. They say that we’re in a time of transition for the human race and that our challenge is to focus in love and not succumb to fear. I am not a poet, but in a moment of clarity I wrote a poem anyway.



Go To The Sweetness…
The sweetness in your heart.
The sweetness in your life.
The sweetness in your core.

There is FEARsome conflict going on…
A roiling of feelings,
A hurricane of ideas,
A shifting of certainties,
A chaos of rules and customs,
A disturbance in the Force.

As we enter a new stage of being human
the old ways, behaviors, habits and assumptions
have slipped their moorings
and the new has not yet anchored.

You can trust the inner Sweetness.

Where everything is Okay.


Riley K. Smith, MA, LMFT since 1976. In private practice in Mar Vista. Faculty member at the Integrative Body Psychotherapy Central Institute in Venice since 2004. Trained therapists for eight years as Clinical Director at an out-patient drug program. AAMFT certified supervisor till 2008. Co-author of How to Be a Couple and Still Be Free, a cooperative problem-solving manual for couples. Member of CAMFT, AAMFT and U.S. Assoc. of Body Psychotherapists. email