How to Form a SIG: An Open Invitation to You!

Our Special Interest Groups (SIG) are each unique and special neighborhoods nested within our LA-CAMFT community. They are gathering places for discourse, camaraderie, growth and learning, and are a destination for those from within and from beyond our Chapter to visit, and be enriched for doing so. Places like these don’t just show up. They are envisioned and built and nurtured, and for that leaders are required.

Creating and leading a SIG is an enriching opportunity for any LA-CAMFT member to take advantage of. The starting point for doing so is simply having a passion for a particular therapist relevant interest that you wish to bring into focus with others. All our SIGs began with someone having just that kind of inspiration, and needing only a place to make it happen, a process to make it so, and the support of others to rise into full form. As the Board of Director’s SIG Chair, this is my open invitation to any LA-CAMFT member who has a desire for a particular kind of SIG needing to be formed.

In addition to what SIGs can do for the community, they are also meant to provide the opportunity for internal collaborations that foster leadership skills through a team building experience. Teaming up with a co-chair starts the collaborative process on the way to becoming a fully realized SIG. As co-chairs you can brainstorm to define and refine your SIG’s vision, consider the many kinds of activities you wish for your SIG to do, and explore how to share SIG responsibilities. As your vision is crystalizing, with available support and guidance from me and from our other Board members, you can decide what kind of core-leadership team would be best suited for what you wish your SIG to do. All of these internal SIG decisions we want to come from you. This developmental phase of the SIG creation process can be quickly done making good use of your prior leadership experiences, or can take more time to evolve and with input and support as the need arises. Once you are ready, you then present your full vision and goals for your SIG with our Board for final approval to move forward.

SIGs can do a whole range of activities, and because they function within our LA- CAMFT structure and with our financial policies, we have created a road map for all things SIG related called the SIG User Guide which you can download and look over from the SIG section of our LA-CAMFT website.

While you are exploring our new website, you can check out each of our current SIG web pages for inspiration. And as you do, if you begin to sense something in you that says there is something missing from what you see there, perhaps that’s an indication of something inside wanting to have a voice and space to emerge? If you find yourself having such an experience, feel free to contact me with any SIG questions, thoughts, or dreams, Daniel Factor, at:

Daniel Factor