Happy New Year from Your CFO

Valerie “Billie” Klayman, MA, LMFT

This month I will have all the numbers for 2016 and analyze our financial achievements and areas where we can build upon for 2017. In February I will be submitting my year-end report for 2016. The fact that we are sustained by our loyal and hard working volunteers, allows us to maintain and sustain financial wellness.

I am giving a big shout out this year for one or two members of our Chapter to join me on the Finance committee. My experience as CFO for our Chapter has increased my awareness financially in my private practice and opened up relationships with others in our field. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn the behind the scenes ins and outs of how a non-profit works. The knowledge and hands on experience will serve you well as you move forward in your practice. You may decide to create your own non-profit organization or go and get paid working for an established organization. Either way, the experience is priceless and it is very rare to find an organization and Board that works so well together.

I can’t believe a year has gone by and here we are again, planning and creating a budget for our Chapter in 2017. I have been so impressed by our Executive Board and Full Board members. We have been able to stay within budget and accomplish amazing events, because of the commitment by our fantastic Board.

Our sponsors have been a major source for our ability to stay on track with the budget for our Network events. The SIG’s have continued to produce events that interest those in our field and the turnout has been terrific for every SIG.

Valerie “Billie” Klayman, M.A., LMFT