Finance Matters: 2015 Year in Review

Valerie “Billie” Klayman, MA, LMFT

In 2014 I was invited to observe how the Finance Committee operates by our past CFO, Maria Dylan. I met with Maria and Christina Bielfelt, our Administrator, and quickly saw exciting possibilities for our chapter. After a couple of meetings I chose to join the Finance Committee to learn leadership skills in order to work with members of the Executive Board, Full Board, and other committee members. I was nominated to become the new CFO of our Chapter in December 2015.

This year has been very exciting for our chapter. We rebranded ourselves and now have a vibrant website, created a Facebook group and a Full Board. The behind the scenes interactions provided me the opportunity to utilize leadership skills I have developed over the last year and half. As CFO I have learned the art of collaboration in all areas of our growth as a chapter.

I have had the pleasure of working with incredibly creative people within our chapter. All of the people I collaborate with are engaged and passionate about bringing our members, fun and educational events in order to expand our knowledge and consciousness as therapists. We produce excellent Network meetings with interesting speakers, Special Interest Groups that facilitate a venue to learn about other therapeutic approaches in order to best meet the needs of their patients/clients. The 3000 Club is growing and offers trainees and interns a place to gather and grow as they work towards licensure. Membership in our Chapter provides a warm and engaging place to belong to a fellowship of caring people.

The Los Angeles Chapter of CAMFT is glad to provide its 2015 Financial Report. The Chapter is legally organized as a 501.c6 non-profit organization and is in good standing with the State of California and continues to maintain a healthy operating budget.

The Chapter has a Finance Committee that meets monthly to review bookkeeping matters, income and operating expenses, discuss recommendations to be made to the LA-CAMFT Board, and conversely, talk about the questions and requests the Board brings up at their monthly meetings about finances. The Committee reports to the Board.

As CFO, I watched and helped guide our Chapter to use our finances wisely while we improved, grew, and created. With all of the expenditures needed we were able to maintain a healthy reserve fund. As of December 201,5 the reserve fund was $12,013.88. The Reserve is intended to support the Chapter in the event of a dramatic loss of income when the Reserve would be used to sustain the operating expenses of the Chapter. Generally, as a non-profit, programming, workshops, and events are designed to cover expenses and support the Chapter in its expanding need to provide additional services to the membership. One of the most successful actions the Chapter takes is having a strong Sponsorship Program; ours began 5 years ago. Our sponsors continue to be great partners to our Chapter by keeping meetings, workshops, events and dues reasonably priced.

During 2015 the Los Angeles Chapter of CAMFT had income of $66,533.70 and expenses totaling $65,317.61 for a net income of $1,216.09. A complete Financial Report and Statement is presented and discussed at all Board meetings, which are open to LA-CAMFT members. I encourage our members to attend Board meetings which are listed on the LA-CAMFT website.

Involvement in the Finance Committee is an opportunity to learn leadership skills and the financial management and planning for our Chapter. If you’re interested in participating in the Finance Committee please contact me at: or call my cell: 818-458-3379. Typically the Committee meets for about 1 hour during the first week of the month. If you have any questions about the Chapter’s financial status please feel free to contact me at my email address.