Editor’s Message

Sylvia Sandler,MA, MFTi

Dear LA-CAMFT colleagues,

First, I wish to express my sincere excitement over working with all current and future writers, and to acknowledge the wonderful articles included in this month’s newsletter. I hope that all of you will enjoy reading each article as much as I did, and that you, too, will come away having learned something new and worthwhile to incorporate into your personal and/or professional life.

When faced with the task of writing my first Editor’s Message, I was thrilled yet a bit apprehensive. As the new Editor of Voices, I wanted to make sure that my message would be both interesting and informative. Once the process of putting together the newsletter began, I quickly realized that this role was similar to that of being a therapist.

Many of us enter this profession wanting to help others, and though well-meaning, we might sometimes eclipse the client’s own process of self-actualization when we assume too much responsibility for our client’s growth or lack thereof throughout their therapeutic journey. No matter where we are in our own professional path, I believe that our task is to be mindful of our audience, and remember to not work harder than the client. To be sure, there is a delicate dance between being present, and ensuring that there is enough space for the client in the room. Similarly, when editing our current newsletter, I learned that there is a parallel process between working with clients and working with writers. In both instances, I realized that whether I was wearing my therapist hat or my Editor’s hat, I had to be respectful of the voice/message being represented, and that less of me had to be present. I quickly gathered that some writers may want more input while others needed minimal edits. As this dance continues, my goal is to assist each and every one of our contributors in producing relevant and meaningful content to LA-CAMFT’s membership, and the therapeutic community at large.

Sylvia J. Sandler, M.A., holds a subsequent registration with the Board of Behavioral Sciences as a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern, (#90381). Sylvia is bi-lingual and fully proficient in reading and writing in the Spanish language. Sylvia is currently gaining hours towards licensing at The Ness Counseling Center on a volunteer basis. You may reach her by email at newsletter@lacamft.org.