Editor’s Message

Sylvia Sandler, M.A., MFTi

Dear LA-CAMFT colleagues:

It is hard to believe that this is the last edition of Voices for 2017! I am sure many of you are wondering just as I have, “where in the world did the year go?” It seems just months ago that I began to collaborate with LA-CAMFT Board Members to produce Voices. As I reflect on my time as editor so far, it seems appropriate that this Editor’s Message be dedicated to thanking all of the people that have both made my job easy and a pleasure to do since I began back in March 2017.

First of all, I would like to thank LA-CAMFT’S Past President, Randi Gottlieb for approaching me with the opportunity to join the editorial team for our monthly newsletter. I greatly appreciate Randi’s confidence in me to serve in my capacity as newsletter editor, and for her faith in our ability to work together to produce a thoughtful and inspiring product for our community of clinicians to enjoy.

Few months later, I began to collaborate with Shelley, the new President Elect. I was genuinely struck with Shelley’s business insight and compassionate demeanor. Since assuming the role of President of LA-CAMFT, Shelley has tirelessly and seamlessly run our chapter with tremendous care and focus. I quickly learned, that if I ever needed support, I could count on Shelley just as I did with Randi. As with Randi, I am truly grateful for the personal and professional connection that I have been so blessed to cultivate with Shelley.

My role as newsletter editor would not have been possible however, without the direct guidance and dedication of LA-CAMFT’s Communication Director, Lynne Azpeitia. From the get go, Lynne and I formed a strong working alliance and with her steadfast support, the editorial team provided community writers with clear and efficient guidelines for submission of content. With Lynne’s great leadership, I was encouraged to recruit new, talented community writers to our newsletter. I hope you will agree that both regular contributors and guest writers have created a moving and relevant newsletter for our readership.

Speaking of leadership, the next person I would like to acknowledge for his tremendous support and positive impact on the editorial team is, Mike Johnsen. Mike is LA-CAMFT’s IT Administrator/Webmaster and as part of the Editorial team, I am so very grateful for Mike’s dedication and meticulous work ethic. No matter the inquiry, Mike is always available to the Board for all questions and comments. Additionally, month after month, Mike perfectly executes our communication needs in addition to the needs of other local chapters of CAMFT. As for me, I have really enjoyed working in partnership with Mike on all things pertaining to Voices. I hope you will join me in publicly expressing a heartfelt thank you to Mike for all his endeavors.

Last but not least, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to members of the Board and guest writers that were featured throughout Voices in 2017 including: Randi Gottlieb, Shelley Pearce, Jonathan Flier, Darleen Basch, Estelle Fisher, Maria Gray, Billie Klayman, Kane Phelps, Jennie Steinberg, Steven Unruh, Tony Davis, Danielle Feinerman, Stephen Dansiger, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Cibele Sousa, Riley K. Smith, Lauren Hooten, David Silverman, Chellie Campbell, Amy McManus, Elizabeth Lira, Alex Katehakis, Douglas Green, Carole A. Chasin, Ilona Varo, Matti Baldassari, Barry Davis, Christina Castorena, Stara Shakti, and Janaki Neptune. Thank you to all for making a difference and lending your voice to ours.

With gratitude in mind, I would like to make an appeal to our dear members of the LA-CAMFT community that have been thinking about, but shy about submitting content to our newsletter. We are always looking for new writers and rest assured that you will be supported by our great communications team, just as I was. We encourage your participation and we eagerly anticipate hearing from you in 2018 whereby you can become a strong “voice” within our newsletter.

In the meantime, enjoy the remaining weeks of 2017, and on behalf of the LA-CAMFT editorial team we wish you a prosperous, peaceful and healthy new year ahead!

With much gratitude,
Sylvia Sandler

Sylvia J. Sandler, M.A., is the current editor of Voices for LA-CAMFT, and holds a subsequent registration as a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, IMF#90381. Sylvia is bi-lingual and fully proficient in reading and writing in the Spanish language. Sylvia is gaining hours for licensing at The Ness Counseling Center and previously worked at Chabad Treatment Center Outpatient. You may reach her by email at newsletter@lacamft.org.