Editor Wanted!

Randi Gottlieb
President, LA-CAMFT

LACAMFT is seeking a new editor for VOICES, our chapter’s monthly LACAMFT Newsletter. Yes, this one, the one you are now reading! Over the years our chapter has had the great fortune of having wonderfully talented clinician/writers contribute their time as editor of our newsletter, including: Victoria Van Zandt, Jonathan Flier, Sietze Vanderheide, Judith Weigle, and Rena Jacobs. VOICES, has been in its present iteration as a monthly eBulletin since November 2015. That means we have had 14 editions of a tried and true, well-designed layout made up of regular columns in a format familiar to both writers and readers. While there is always room for growth, there isn’t an urgency to make changes, so whoever takes the lead now, can take their time to ease into the role without pressure to change a thing.

If you are interested in exploring this wonderful opportunity, please contact me! As Editor of VOICES you not only will be providing a very important service to LACAMFT, but your position will personally (virtually) connect you to thousands of colleagues throughout the county. As Editor, you get to know all of the members of the Board, Committee, and SIG Chairs without being required to be a member of the Board yourself – so no additional meetings! And best of all, you can attend to your editor responsibilities at your office or home, in blocks of time that fit into your own schedule! Finally, you are never alone; you will be inheriting a fantastic team of colleague writers, you will be supported by our chapter’s Communication Chair, Lynne Azpeitia, our Webmaster, and the entire rest of the Board. Let’s talk!

Randi Gottlieb