Debra Faith House, MS, MFT Intern
Pre-Licensed Rep, LA-CAMFT

Welcome to our new venture! Yours and mine. C’NectWorking™ is a virtual community-based forum that combines my 20 years in human resource management with my new venture into therapy, along with assisting Interns with their job search. I’m an admitted novice at the forum and blogging game, yet, I see a worthwhile venture in this attempt.

As the Pre-Licensed Rep for LA-CAMFT, I often hear from other Interns inquiring about opportunities to acquire hours. I end up asking them a series of questions about how they are pursuing their search with my human resources hat firmly in place.

I’m learning to be a therapist, and asking questions goes with the territory, just like my work in the corporate world, which included employment interviewing countless applicants. Pairing my clinical training with my human resource experience I have discovered that what I take to be second nature might be extremely helpful to my colleagues.

While discussing this with a fellow LA-CAMFT board member, I shared a funny slip that I had one day while co-facilitating a community college career center workshop. As I was discussing LinkedIn and the benefits of connecting and networking I became tongue-tied and found myself saying C’NectWorking™. After I turned several shades of red, laughing at my stumbled words, I realized what had just happened. I said to the class, “It seems that I’ve coined a new phrase that has some truth and meaning to this discussion.”

My experience has been that most people run when you suggest that networking would be helpful. Let’s be honest; as human beings what do we long for most? Connecting with others! It seems to me that networking, in order to be truly effective is really connecting with other people. It isn’t about the number of connections we have on our Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. It’s truly about making meaningful connections and growing and learning in that process.

There is no one specific way to job search, network, connect, write a resume, or respond to interview questions. There is a creativity and uniqueness to each person and their approach to the development of their career path. In the coming months, I will share my human resources perspectives with all of you in my MFT Village of Interns and established therapists to help you with your career direction. Each month I will offer a tip, an idea, a challenge, or a subject to start a conversation between all of you so that your career paths can be the most individualized as possible, and ultimately fulfilling. In the future we’ll have a virtual meeting place to exchange ideas – look for this in the March edition of Voices. This month, I just wanted to get your career feet in motion.

February Career Quest: February is the month for love and passion. Our topic this month is about the benefits of loving our work. What would it feel like if we did work that we genuinely were passionate about? Is it somatic? Cognitive? Emotional? Visual? Or…what else? How do you know when you are doing work that is congruent with whom you are?