C’NectWorking™: Career Clarity for Career Fulfillment

Debra Faith House, MS, MFT Intern
Pre-Licensed Rep, LA-CAMFT

In February’s C’NectWorking™, I proposed that we consider the benefits of loving our work. My son shared that for him it’s a “fulfilled” day. Before we can work at a career that is fulfilling, we have to know how to choose that career.

We are trained to consider and explore any somatic, cognitive, emotional, and visual experiences within our clients and within ourselves too. As interns, I suspect, that many of us were given writing prompts that might have supported our own inner self-reflection. I often wonder, why this amazing tool is forgotten or not even considered when beginning a job search.

Clarity begins with writing down our goals the old–fashioned way, if I may suggest, into bite-sized wishes as an ideal place to begin the job search. Our unique personal experiences along with our present stage in life will help guide this process. Naming specifically the details of this new dream job, pausing to visualize what it might look like, feel like and even be like and then documenting those goals on paper has been proven to be helpful and quite powerful. Knowing, I mean KNOWING what you long for in this next journey will bring you closer to not only creating it but even being able to recognize it when it appears.

Too often folks have shared that they do have goals, but have not written them down. Frustrations and insecurities begin to cloud their intentions and desires and many times they begin to give up even before starting the journey. For those of my fellow career questers who are looking for the proof that this is worth your effort, look online. You will find many accomplished people who will attribute their success to beginning their journey with establishing a clear intention. Turn on a TED Talk or read a book by the late Zig Ziglar or Earl Nightengale. This concept is not new and trendy but it is quite effective. How about making it an experiment?

Gaining clarity by writing your goals for what you are seeking is the first step in finding your next position.