Calling All Future or Potential Leaders!

Randi Gottlieb, LMFT
Past President, LA-CAMFT

Calling All Future or Potential Leaders!
by Randi Gottlieb, LMFT

October marks the time of the year when our chapter hosts its final Networking Event, signaling an end-of-year shift of energy. In November, we hold our appreciation dinner honoring all who have given their time and talent in service to LA-CAMFT during the year, and in December we gather in good cheer to celebrate the holiday season. October is also the time of year when the Board focuses more keenly on leadership succession. In alternating years, the Past President convenes a Nominating and Election Committee to assemble a slate of nominees to be sent to the membership for a vote. Though our next election won’t be held until October of 2018, Shelley Pearce requested that I convene an off-year Election Committee for two reasons: the first, to lead our chapter’s recruitment effort to fill a number of vacant board and leadership positions; the second, to recruit, vet, and nominate a President Elect to succeed her as President following her 18-month term scheduled to end December 31, 2018. From that point moving forward, we envision a smooth pattern of succession planning with single-year terms for President Elect, President, and Past President.

The success of our chapter depends on maintaining a continuous flow of new leaders at all levels!

If you are interested in being part of the developing vision of our compassionate community, we want to hear from you!

If you have ideas on how you’d like to see LA-CAMFT evolve, we want to hear from you!

Not ready for a board position, volunteer to participate on one of the LA-CAMFT many committees: Networking Events, Newsletter, Social Media, Finance, Social Events, Leadership Workshops. Now is the time to get involved! Contact Randi Gottlieb at or 310.310.0089.