Ask Billie

“Billie” Klayman,

I am going to think out loud with all of you who are reading and enjoying LA-CAMFT’s Voices. I’ve been part of LA-CAMFT at least 10 years, but who’s counting? I would like to create a column where you, the reader can ask questions. But, what questions? What are you interested in? What questions do you have regarding the journey and chapters that open and close along the way as a therapist?

Our profession can be lonely and isolating if we are not mindful and present in our lives. As therapists, regardless of where you are in your own personal journey, we talk, explore, and process self-care with our patients. Who do we talk to and get support when we are starting to feel overwhelmed, or burned out?

I am a big proponent of collaboration and community. As a Meaning Centered Therapist with a specialization in Community Psychology, I know how energizing and rejuvenating it can be to connect with others. A feeling of connection and belonging does wonders for depression and anxiety.

Viktor Frankl, the originator of Existential Logotherapy, believed our drive to search for meaning in our lives is very strong. In addition, Viktor also believed in the strong human drive for connection with others. We are looking for a sense of belonging and you have the opportunity to start with our community at LA-CAMFT. We invite you to submit your questions at

Valerie “Billie” Klayman, M.A., LMFT, an integrative Meaning Centered Therapist, became a supervisor at Antioch University Counseling Center in 2014. Billie initiated a partnership between AUCC and the Culver City Senior Center offering pro-bono therapy and group therapy to members of CCSC. December 2016, Culver City hired Billie to help residents of the community at the Culver City Senior Center. She’s presented on Substance Abuse and Addiction. Billie can be reached at