Ask Billie

“Billie” Klayman,

The Work You Do

I often have pre-licensed, and particularly interns, talk to me about struggling with unpaid traineeships and internships. There is a great deal of frustration and multiple feelings that transpire such as powerlessness, hopelessness, anger, and the simple injustice of paying for supervision and not getting paid for being a therapist. I have no problem stating the system for pre-licensure is incredibly flawed. I encourage you to contact CAMFT and speak to those who work in political areas that affect the journey to licensure. Contact your California legislators and see who works on a committee that directly relates to our industry. Remember, they work for us, we hired them, and we not only have the right, but an obligation to ourselves and our community to demand fair wages.

I encourage you to read my article in our April 2017 issue of Voices on getting what you pay for in supervision. The work you are doing is preparing you to launch into becoming a confident licensed MFT. The work you are doing is also more than good enough, it is a G-D send to many of the patients you see.

The work you do is valuable and meaningful, if you allow yourself to create that consciousness. Resentment, bitterness, and anger will only hold you back and often contaminate the work with patients. If you are helping a patient with self-care and honoring their lives, why not lead by example with yourself?

In closing, I would also like to support all of you who are pre-licensed to reach out to our 3000 club. Just as we encourage our patients to advocate for their emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual well-being, I also encourage the same for all of you.


Valerie “Billie” Klayman, M.A., LMFT, an integrative Meaning Centered Therapist, became a supervisor at Antioch University Counseling Center in 2014. Billie initiated a partnership between AUCC and the Culver City Senior Center offering pro-bono therapy and group therapy to members of CCSC. December 2016, Culver City hired Billie to help residents of the community at the Culver City Senior Center. She’s presented on Substance Abuse and Addiction. Billie can be reached at