Ways & Means Committee

Ways and Means is a team of dynamic future-thinking professionals who meet regularly once a month to implement “the ways and means” of supporting the diverse goals of the Los Angeles Chapter of CAMFT.

Participating in the work of this Committee presents an opportunity to have an overview of all the goals and activities of our professional organization. The Committee’s challenge is to then use creative thinking and independent action to come up with ideas to support LA-CAMFT’s programs and needs. The Committee then develops and researches these ideas to formulate realistic plans that can be implemented by and for LA-CAMFT.

The Committee reports to the Board of LA-CAMFT and is charged with making recommendations to the Board. It’s a truly dynamic process that offers an opportunity to use a therapist’s forward thinking for community purpose, professional career enhancement purpose, as well as being one of the major components of the foundational health of LA-CAMFT.

Examples of the Committee’s current work are: research on the ways to establish an LA-CAMFT scholarship fund; community outreach to establish sponsorship for workshops and LA-CAMFT general meetings; development of ongoing and annual events including: private practice referral through social networking, multi-disciplinary practice-matching opportunities, and job fairs.

Ways and Means ordinarily meets once a month on a Saturday in West L.A. for approximately an hour and a half. Subsequent to our meetings the members work independently and exchange email on the progress of the meeting’s outlined tasks. The Committee welcomes visitations by LA-CAMFT members who would consider becoming a part of this active Committee.

Questions? Contact the Committee Chairs!

Valerie “Billie” Klayman, M.A., LMFT

Estelle Fischer, MA, LMFT